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Hi Mindtorians,

I’m happy to announce lunching the “Mindtory junior authors program – Mindtorians”. But first; let me brief you about our home – Mindtory(

Mindtory is an educational website which lunched early this year. The main idea of this site is to provide learners with education materials like articles, courses, videos, infographics, games…etc. The website started to cover different IT topics as a start like:

  • Bigdata
  • Information Management
  • Data Warehouse
  • Business Intelligence
  • Internet of things (IOT)
  • Blockchain

It is planned to start covering different topics as well in the near future. Mindtory, is one of the most growing IT site; with more than 1000 unique visits / month from all around the word.

Home Front 1

Mindtory junior authors program – Mindtorians” is a new program launched by Mindtory to search for new authors and talents. So simply if you think that you have the right authoring skills ; then this program is for you. Mindtory specialized team will help you to publish your articles and reach many interested readers across the Globe.  We will help you to gain more readers and followers and you will get the required authoring experience to move to the next level. Once you are ready to write professional articles you will get paid and you will be able to earn passive income with us. We can help you to write and publish your first books as well if you up to it. All what you need to do is to follow the steps below:

1-    Send me a private message or e-mail to ( or ( to show your interest to join our “Mindtory junior authors program – Mindtorians”. (your name, e-mail, topic that you have experience with and you want to write about. Sample of articles that you wrote before). use “Mindtory junior authors program – Mindtorians” as your message or e-mail title.

2-    If you already have some ready articles; we will publish it for you and you can start invite your friends to read your published articles.

3-    After publishing 5 articles; and based on readers feedback and with our help of specialized team whom will guide you through your articles you will be promoted to be a paid author. Paid authors start earning money and get paid based on their rank because they published articles will be also available for register members only(subscriptions). Authors with high rank get paid more money more that the authors with lower rank. We will help you to enhance your rank and increase your followers across time.

4-    If you are interested to publish a book; then our experts will guide you through the process of publishing your book and will help you to have your name as a recognized author.

It is very simple; All what you need is to have the right skills and motivation to be an author and we will take care of the rest. So what you are waiting for “Mindtorians“? Enroll Now!! and start achieving your dreams.

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